Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pony Hills Petroglyphs

The Pony Hills is an area of rocky outcroppings.  We spent most of a day scrambling around looking for petroglyphs. 

The first ones we found were on the darker rock to the right of center, an area difficult to photograph well with the light direction as it was.

A closer look.

Not only did we find many petroglyphs, we found numerous bedrock mortars.
The two above are referred to grinding slabs.
The tool used for the grinding was a smooth hand held stone used in a horizontal
grinding motion.  This caused the smooth depressions in the rock slab.

The above mortars are circular depressions in the rock that were used for grinding grain and other food products.
Because so many times they are found in close proximity, as above, it is believed that people gathered in groups making this a social activity.
Thus the mortars are also referred to as gossip stones.

As water is a necessity of life now, so it was then.

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